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Product descriptions that sell


By Iulia Cimpianu

It’s been proved that emotional content has a great influence on customer’s intentions to buy a product. If you want to take your eCommerce business to the next level, make sure you master the art of describing products.

Do not write text that simply describes a product, turn your description into a compelling interesting story that deeply resonates with your customer thoughts.

This is your opportunity to use your creative writing skills and trigger your customers emotions but make sure that you remain focused on the main idea.

Understand your target audience...not just the data

Google Analytics provides useful information about your customers demographics, but that won’t be enough if your goal is to get a deeper understanding of your ideal buyer personality and behaviour.

A good idea is to write a survey and send it to your audience. That will provide you with useful data that you can further explore and help you picture your customer profile more accurately.

Try to imagine what they are thinking, expecting, and what personality category they fit in.

Having a full picture of your customers personality, you can now address directly to them and describe your product to a particular type of person.

Get Creative… Tell a Product story to add more character

Do not just create a product description and keep in mind that people are not interested on the product itself but what they can achieve by using it, how it will solve their problem or make them feel.

Using words like ”imagine” or ”picture yourself” will make them feel how their life will be if they buy your product.

Make the product more appealing with a charming inspiring story that will draw your customer in.Try to write a description with your audience personality in mind and don’t forget to humanise the voice of your description.

That way your clients will know that they are more than just a customer number.

If a product has a story that is particularly special to you, do not hesitate to tell it. Captivate your reader with an inspiring narrative story that will add more character to your product and win your audience hearts and minds.

You can also add some personality to your product titles as well. For example, instead of simply writing a title such as: “Cashmere women scarf - blue” you can try something like: “A warm cashmere hug for a cold winter day”.

Avoiding manufacturer’s product description will make the search engines happy and you won’t get penalised for duplicate content.

There are thousands ways to describe a product so don’t be afraid to express your unique style of writing and add a dash of personality to your description.

Don’t forget to add high quality images to your text

List of features? No...not really

No matter how excited you are about your product’s features and capabilities, that is not what your potential buyers would really like to read about.

They are usually interested on what the product can do for them so it's a good idea to highlight the advantages.

Instead of writing a long list of features and capabilities, consider the benefit of each feature and try translating them into advantages.

Final Thoughts..

Keep your text short and effective and remember that simplicity always wins.