Top ‘alternative surfboard’ provider in the UK

They have grown their brand to include three retail units, a coffee shop over their flagship store and a thriving international online business

In 2012 Jake Patterson and James Wright turned their passion for the ocean and all things outdoors into their business with the opening of the Watershed concept store in Newquay, Cornwall. The dream was to provide custom surfboards and hard-to-find garments for the local community and visitors to Cornwall.

They initially focused on selling brands and products, until then unavailable in the UK, this then organically progressed into designing and producing their own clothing line.

Watershed are now recognised as one of the top ‘alternative surfboard’ providers in the UK and they have grown their brand to include three retail units, a coffee shop over their flagship store and a thriving international online business.

After working with multiple web design companies Watershed made the change to the ECOMSILVER platform and have never looked back. They have a fresh modern site that captures the fun of the brand but equally important is the solid site architecture that has enabled them to move away from ‘traditional’ high street retail.

Like ECOMSILVER, Watershed have a history of challenging the norms, their retail outlets and online stores are fully integrated and hosted in the cloud. Gone are the traditional cash tills, in their place iPads which through the Vend POS software and ECOMSILVER Platform, allow their team not only to process transactions but also control store music, customer requests, queries and check their online stores.

In moving everything to the cloud with Vend it was obviously vital Watershed had the right eCommerce platform to integrate the technologies. We worked with Vend to ensure we maintained the integrity of our eCommerce platform whilst enabling the full suite of Vend functionality. How has the integration helped Watershed? Jake talks about one of the main advantages of Hub52CMS, which is the speed of how fast transactions are completed.

"It lets us turn over sales quickly and efficiently.”

Watershed Shop

Jake went on to say, “We are absolutely delighted with the Watershed website. We have worked with many web designers and used different platforms before, but ECOMSILVER stand out as a seriously talented team with excellent customer service. We find the Hub52CMS - eCommerce engine, invaluable because it enables us to update our website whenever and as often as we want, which gives us a great advantage over competitors. We truly believe ECOMSILVER represents the beginning of website of evolution; the future of online selling is here now!”

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