We’re ambitious and dynamic, we dare to be different! We want to do business the right way, to grow and succeed by achieving the same said growth and success for our clients

Our Why

eCommerce is booming and changing
the business landscape across the world

We started ECOMSILVER to give growing businesses the technology and tools to succeed online against eCommerce heavyweights

Lee Simpson - ECOMSILVER

Trade 24 hours per day

Trade 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and not just 9 until 5.

Trade across the world

Trade across the world and not just in your local area.

Compete with heavyweights

Trade with next-generation technology to compete on a level playing field.


To enable independent businesses to compete with and out-perform the big players on the High Street. It was that simple, we set out to make owning and running an online shop easy, quick and profitable and to make it accessible for every business, no matter how large or small.

Mission Statement - supporting client


ecommerce platform

So, coming from backgrounds in business and technology, we knew we had the skills and we knew what was needed, it just took a load of blood, sweat and tears to achieve it. The result of all that toil is the Hub52CMS eCommerce engine, a world-class eCommerce platform.

Hub52CMS is a platform that not only delivers reliability, performance and security but it is so easy to use that anyone in your business could run your webshop.



So in 2017, we started building eCommerce websites for our customers all day long. Whilst they were growing their businesses, we grew a community of forward thinking business people and helped them connect across the world. 

So, don’t miss out and don’t delay; your business needs a fully-featured eCommerce website and the sooner it’s up, the sooner you’ll see it grow.

Simon Hibbard

At ECOMSILVER, we want the next generation of tech wizards working with us so we go out of our way to hire the best young talent that’s out there. We don’t mind if they come from University, Colleges, business or life just as long as they really care about what they do and are hungry to develop their potential.
ECOMSILVER’s customers are always ambitious and forward thinking so we’re connecting entrepreneurs and business owners through our online eCommunity so that they can build connections, share experiences and help steer the development of the Hub52CMS - eCommerce engine.

Chris Powell

Lee Simpson

We might be the new[ish] kids on the block but we’re ambitious and we’re building our UK business to take on the faceless giants of Silicon Valley by building professional eCommerce websites that enable, ambitious independent businesses to compete with, and outperform the big players on the High Street.

Be part of a team, working together
for a better eCommerce

Our customers

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